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A Few Words About Self Improvement

December 1, 2010

Every individual born in this world has been gifted with inherent capabilities and inborn strengths. It is these strengths that help a man become a strong individual. But at times, there are certain geographical or genetic factors, which curtail the development of certain traits which attribute to a normal and a successful person. These traits which result in shortfalls in the personality of a man should be developed and honed, so that a strong personality emerges out of these. There is a need for self improvement and polishing of the life skills, which already exist in a man.

OptimindsThe parameters on which self improvement takes place include economic development, intellectual development and emotional development. Intellectual development happens out of education and gaining knowledge. We should possess the will to gain knowledge and make attempts for the same. Education leads to the broadening of horizons and thereby refines ones thought processes. The final outcome of these is a self actualization within a person.

Intellectual development leads to the economic growth of a person. Therefore these self improvement factors are correlated and should be achieved in totality for a balanced personality. Other traits which require self improvement include confidence level, which are also correlated to intellectual as well as economic development.

Any person who is educated and is economically independent and self sustaining, then his confidence is bound to be par excellence and amount to high self esteem. Low education results into lower confidence levels and thereby leading to low self esteem.

Another key to self improvement is reading lot of books, which help you imbibe positivity and therefore a happy and contented life. You should also mingle with people emanating positive vibes and who are successful in life. Such people will generate positivity around themselves and eventually help you derive some positivity and secrets to their successful life from them. Your conversations should revolve around positive aspects of life and not discuss the failures.

Self improvement will happen only if you learn to focus on your goals and not look at life with a blank look. Search for an opportunity in every task that you get and make the best of the opportunities. Learn to prioritize in life, because there would be ample choices before you, but it is you who know, what is the best for you at a particular point of time. Leave out the meaningless elements of your life and spend a maximum of your time to accomplish the important priorities.

One major feature of a successful individual is that he has achieved success through his hard work and education. But he still is aware of his roots and is grounded. Down to earth nature of an individual is the mark of a man of mettle. He, who has not seen hardships or fails to recognize them will never reach the threshold of success.

Often they have used coaches, tutors, mentors to reach success. These professionals will have many techniques and exercises to help with your brain fitness. Finding ways to use successful strategies and be accountable to perform them are one way that mentors can assist in self improvement. Yes, sometimes self improvement takes a little help from others.

Identify the people who are your well wishers and those who emanate positive energies. People with negative energies will spell doom for you, therefore as one of the major secrets to self improvement remain away from such people. Have a long vision in life and remain away from short sighted people.

Optiminds for Brain Fitness

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