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Your Communication Style Can Help Enhance Or Degrade Your Leadership

October 28, 2010

Communication is said to be the driving force at the work place or during relationships and has been a key to resolve any kinds of conflict. It can help to restore unity and integrity, in whichever circumstances, it is undertaken. There are two types of communications; one being positive communication and the other being negative communication, depending upon the impact.

The basic objective of communication is to convey the message in a medium that is available for the sender without any distortion so as to avoid miss-communication.
Communication styles are of four types.
1.) Passive communication,
2.) Aggressive communication,
3.) Passive aggressive communication
4.) Assertive communication.

OptimindsAs part of the passive communication style the communicator does not resort to direct communication. He allows himself to be guided by others in making a decision in getting communication across. He is emotionally dishonest and is not an active participant in the process of communication. This process of communication style is an outcome of an effort to avoid any kind of conflict or a confrontation. The communicator wants to play it safe and therefore uses a passive mode to communicate.

The next type of communication style is aggressive communication, wherein the communicator is of a confrontative or combative nature. He may resort to aggressive body language while communicating. This is an outcome of a superiority complex in a person. This type of communication primarily points out at the manipulative abilities of a person, which is the base of this communication. This type of communication is quite successful in the field of sports or in army when the soldiers are at war. Use of such communication, in case of a personal or official communication will prove to be a failure.

If the two styles of passive communication and aggressive communication are merged then the resultant communications style will turn out to be passive aggressive communication. This style of communication is confrontative as well as manipulative in nature, thereby implying that it is not straight communication. Therefore it is considered as negative type of communication, as the outcome is certainly not positive.

The last but not the least in communication styles is assertive communication. This is said to be a positive communication and is a type of communication which will not create conflicts but would help resolve them. There is no scope for manipulation in this type of communication, as whatever context has to be conveyed, is done in quite a straight forward manner and therefore appears amicable. He gives adequate importance to feedback and will make an attempt to resolve the crisis, rather than creating one.

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