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Brain Fitness Strategies to Help Motivate.

September 15, 2010

Motivation is also stated to be one of the key factors linked to performance of an employee at his workplace. The performance can be positively affected or negatively affected by the aspects of motivation. High motivation results into optimum performance level, eventually affecting the productivity of the company. Therefore motivated employees are bound to lead to hundred percent productivity and job retention.
OptimindsThese days organizations are making untiring efforts to provide personal care to its employees through various employee welfare programs meant not just for the employees but for their families as well. These programs extend to their children by way of providing scholarships or educational benefits to them and thereby giving a sense of gratification. A satisfied employee, whose family is also taken care of is sure to be abounding with motivation and therefore will strive to put in his level best at his work place and lead to increased productivity.

The core foundation of productivity is gratifying the needs for all levels of employees. If an organization or a corporation wants to motivate its employees, it has to gratify their needs which may be multi-leveled for all levels of employees. These needs may be physiological needs like food, shelter and clothing, or social needs, wherein, his status in the society is concerned. Then arise the other needs like self-actualization needs or self esteem needs. Gratification of these needs by the companies or industries leads to a highly productive environment.

Motivation as a key factor for productivity is therefore being researched under organizational behavior as it is stated to be one of the major factors leading to enhanced productivity. Contracting with professionals in the field of brain fitness is one way to improve your organizations motivation and productivity. These professionals can bring insights and strategies to make a difference in your employees and your business.

Dr. Jane Stewart is an expert in Brain Fitness. Her company is comprised of customized, individualized, exercises designed to stimulate targeted areas of the brain that can be utilized online or in person.

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How Can Brain Fitness Strategies Improve Productivity?

September 7, 2010

Have you ever wondered, what is that quality that kept Sherpa Tenzing moving ahead and scale those unscaleable heights? What is the driving force behind all those people, who have done hundreds of acts of gallantry and valor and yet strive to do more? Well, the only factor that keeps each and every person to crave for more is motivation, which is the foundation of productivity.

Productivity is defined as the measure of output gained by the use of per unit input as an outcome of a production process. There are various factors leading to enhanced productivity – namely motivated employees, resolving of conflicts arising out of various factors, optimum use of the resources, effective resource allocation and budgetary allocation.

The basic guidelines for ensuring maximum productivity are that you should set targets for yourself on a day to day basis and they should be accomplished. You should break your large goals into small tasks, thereby simplifying the goal and your ability to reach it at the earliest. The secret to productivity is that you should not waste 80 percent of your time to do the 20 percent of work, but it should be vice versa.

For business professionals, productivity is based on the inter-personal relationships at the workplace and cognizance of the role performed by him. If his peers and superiors encourage the tasks performed by him and award him for the same in terms of incentives or other benefits, his morale as well as productivity levels can be kept high.

Optiminds for Brain Fitness

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