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Study Skills and Test Taking Success Strategies

October 29, 2009

Getting help and training in test taking and study skills is very beneficial. Your ACT/SAT or any other test scores will be better if you use effective study skills, get pointers, and take practice tests. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help. Even one study session can improve your results.

So you are thinking of taking a standardized test such as the:
o ACT,
o SAT,
o GRE,
o LSAT, or
And you may be worried about how to go about it.

Lots of people are telling you different stories and some of the top students you know did not do well in on one of these exams. Is that bothering you? Relax! Don’t worry. With the help of good tutoring, you can pass any of these tests with a good score. All you have to do is polish your study skills.

The most important thing is focus. You must have focus and a will to study. The motivation plays a vital part in your studies. If you find that you do not have strong motivation for your studies you will have to work out a way to deal with this problem.

Always remember what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. We all have different learning styles. So, the first step is to know yourself. Are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner?

In addition, what is your natural Acadian clock? Are you a morning person or a late night person? Think what you love to do and what time of day you like to do these things. That is likely to be the best time of day for you to study. Some people like to study early in the morning while some prefer late nights. So find out which time of the day suits you the best.

Once you know what the best time of day is for you, next thing to do is to make a plan. To make a plan you need to know is the scope of the subject. So you need to look at the syllabus. If the syllabus recommends any reference books, then get the books! Before you sit down to study make sure you have all the materials that you need. Being prepared for your study session will make it more productive.

Making notes while you are studying is very important. After you have finished the chapter you should have some notes on the paper. The notes will be your guide lines for the chapter. If you realize that you remember things better if you put that on a flash card or draw some picture then do that. Be creative. Come up with acronyms that will explain or remind you what the chapter is all about.

SAT or PSAT or many such exams are created to test if you can think logically. So take as many practice tests as possible. The practice tests will help you in overcoming your anxiety and fear of failure. The more you practice the more confident you will become. Maybe the first practice test will be an eye opener for you and it will show you the areas in which you will need to work the hardest. That is your baseline score. Your can expect to improve each time. The difference between practice tests and actual tests will be the time, focus, and preparation. Time, focus, and preparation pay off!

Your study skills will come in handy and you can apply these skills Optiminds will help you develop while taking the standardize tests. Taking tests for school or college admissions is a fact of life! If you are taking PSAT, SAT, ACT or even an MCAT or LAST — all these tests are standardized. Your score or grades will determine if you will be admitted to certain school and if admitted how much of a scholarship award you may earn. So, I think we can all agree the time spent preparing is worth the effort!

As for study techniques first thing to do is to get acquainted with the format of the test. Generally it is divided into four parts. You have math, language, reading comprehension and essay writing. Most of the questions are objective types. You are given four options and you are supposed to pick the correct option. Read all the instruction carefully before you start to write the answers.

Work smart! Use time to your advantage. If you have taken practice tests before taking the actual test you must have realized the importance of time. You have to complete the test in stipulated time. Start with the questions that you think are easy. If you find that you are stuck for long time on one particular question mark that on the test paper and move ahead. You can come back to that particular question after you finish with the other questions.

Write in legible hand writing. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar when you are writing essay type questions. Good hand writing, correct usage of punctuation and spelling will always improve your grades.

For optimal performance, a tutor may need to work with you on a weekly basis to improve your test scores and send you off to the college of your choice.

Author Resource: Dr. Jane Stewart is an expert in Brain Fitness. Her company is comprised of customized, individualized, exercises designed to stimulate targeted areas of the brain that can be utilized online or in person.


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