Brain Scans: Early Detection of Autism

About one in every 100 people has autism, a condition that affects behavior, especially social interaction. Early, accurate diagnosis is the key to families being able to access the support they need.

The earliest age that children tend to be diagnosed with autism is around the age of two. But scientists say that autism can be present as early as the first year of life.

In a recent study, researchers took brain scans of children at six, 12 and 24 months. They uncovered early differences in the cerebral cortex— the part of the brain responsible for high level functions like language—in children who went on to be diagnosed with autism. They were able to predict which children would develop autism with 80% accuracy.

The study opens up possibilities for big changes in the way autism is treated and diagnosed. Giving brain scans to children in high-risk families could lead to children being diagnosed earlier with autism. Therapies that train parents in new ways of interacting with an autistic child could then be introduced earlier when they could be more effective because the brain is more malleable and the symptoms have not yet consolidated.

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