Optiminds Offers Support for Homeschoolers

tutor1Many parents choose homeschooling as the best option for educating their children. But homeschooling today is somewhat complex and may be more demanding on parents than they expected.

Help is available from Optiminds, a metro Detroit tutoring and brain training services company that offers individualized assistance for homeschooled students and their parents.

As a homeschooling parent, you want to be sure your child has the solid foundation and complementary knowledge necessary to pursue further education. Optiminds can provide the guidance and additional academic resources to help you create a high quality homeschool learning program for your adolescent or teen student.

Optiminds’ professional tutors can:

  • provide insights into how your child learns best
  • determine which concepts your child may be struggling to understand
  • find the right style of teaching for your child
  • discover alternative ways to teach your child difficult material
  • help your child with test preparation
  • help you make the learning process as easy as possible
  • help you take the worry and stress out of home schooling

Our convenient, customized sessions cover a wide range of subjects—English, Reading, Math and more—as well as SAT prep.

So enjoy the benefits of homeschooling without the stress. Optiminds has earned a reputation for helping to improve the study, reading, math and cognitive skills of students of all ages. Learn more about us by calling us today at (248) 496-0150 or by visiting us at: optimindsct.com.


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