Making Progress in Alzheimer’s Prevention

In 2014, two neurology professors at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital reproduced the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease in a petri dish, something no one had ever done before. Thanks to their work, scientists can now answer questions about how the disease develops and test more drugs more cheaply and quickly.

alz3While work continues toward creating the ultimate weapon—a pill to prevent Alzheimer’s, there are some research-backed steps we can take toward keeping the disease at bay.

Be sure to get enough sleep. Neurological research shows that the brain has higher levels of amyloid—a sticky substance that accumulates in the brain and creates plaques—when we’re awake than when we’re asleep. So being chronically sleep deprived may accelerate the chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

Try meditation. Meditating twice a day for 20 minutes at a time decreases the expression of genes connected to amyloid deposits. The act of meditating improves sleep and lowers stress, both of which may have an impact on Alzheimer’s risk.

Exercise regularly. A 2015 analysis by the Alzheimer’s Association examined the evidence for modifiable risk factors and found that regular exercise lowers the odds of cognitive decline. The hippocampus, which helps consolidate long-term memories, is bigger in people who exercise regularly. Walking even a mile a day can make a difference.”

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