Helping Your Kids with Organization and Time Management

time2Despite how important they are to success in school, time management and organization are skills we often don’t focus on enough for young students.

Eventually as students grow, they will become more independent managers of their possessions and time. But it is never too early to focus on helping your child learn the self-discipline to get their work done and completed on time.

Determine the learning method that best suits your child’s learning style. It might be mainly visual, auditory or kinaesthetic ((learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations), or a combination of all three. Be sure they have the appropriate tools to suit their learning style.

Create a study zone that promotes focus. Multi-tasking may seem like a good goal, but the fact is that we get more done by focusing on one task at a time. Experiment with different environments—complete silence, music in the background, etc. If your child isn’t able to complete their homework in the appropriate amount of time, adjust the environment until you find the optimal situation.

Help your child use a planner or calendar to get a sense of time and deadlines for school work. Calendars, clocks, watches and timers can also help to make time less abstract for young children. Help your child break down projects into pieces of work that can fit into 30- to 90-minute blocks of time, and schedule these in the calendar.

Teach self-discipline by giving your child the responsibility of managing assignments or parts of a project on their own. Discuss the benefits of focusing on their work rather than following distractions and let them experience the consequences of mismanaging their time. Role-modelling self-discipline also helps.

We all learn better when we are rested and comfortable. Provide your child with nutritious food and establish bedtimes that will help avoid lack of sleep. Make sure they get fresh air and adequate exercise every day. Taking physical breaks every 60 to 90 minutes can also help keep your child refreshed.

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