There’s Hope for the Middle-aged Mind

Contrary to popular opinion, research suggests that our brains don’t necessarily become slower and duller as we age.

Specifically, studies show that the middle-aged brain:

  • seems to be capable of rewiring itself well into middle age, incorporating decades of experiences and behaviors
  • is calmer, less neurotic and better able to sort through social situations
  • is better in terms of verbal abilities, spatial reasoning, simple math abilities and abstract reasoning skills than the young adult brain

Mental skills, such as vocabulary, character judgement and conflict resolution, improve with age. We are better at recognizing categories, sizing up situations and making financial decisions. As we get older, we tend to get better at regulating our emotions and finding meaning in our lives.

The Seattle Longitudinal Study, which has tracked the cognitive abilities of thousands of adults over the past 50 years, shows that middle-aged adults perform better on four out of six cognitive tests than those same individuals did as young adults.

Researchers have also found a difference in brain activity between younger and older people. Functional neuroimaging studies show that brain activity doesn’t actually slow down in the middle-aged brain; instead, older adults tend to use both brain hemispheres for tasks that only activate one hemisphere in younger adults.

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