Optiminds Bridge Camp For Kids of All Ages

youngbridge3The American pastime of playing bridge has declined since its peak in the 1930s and 1940s, but it is still played by millions of people today, including bridge fanatics Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Optiminds is excited to offer our new Bridge Camp for kids of all ages! Why bridge? Studies are showing that playing bridge may yield cognitive benefits for people of all ages.

For older people, bridge offers intellectual and social stimulation on a routine basis. A study in 2000 at the University of California, Berkeley, found strong evidence that an area in the brain used in playing bridge stimulates the immune system. Researchers suggest that is because players must use memory, visualization and sequencing.

Last year, the Alzheimer’s Association shared the results of a large-scale clinical trial in Finland that demonstrated the benefits of combining cognitive training and social activity— two of bridge’s chief benefits—with other lifestyle elements. The idea is that multiple changes in lifestyle can improve memory and thinking in those at risk for cognitive decline.

Researcher Dr. Christopher Shaw has found that bridge playing benefits younger players as well. He found that students who learned to play bridge had a significant increase in their ITSB (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) scores compared with their non-playing classmates

Results of an experiment conducted by biologist Marian Diamond show that contract bridge players have increased numbers of immune cells after a game of bridge, suggesting “strong evidence that an area of the brain involved in playing bridge stimulates the immune system, in particular the thymus gland that produces white blood cells called T cells, or T lymphocytes.”

Here are more of the benefits bridge playing offers:

  • Improves cognitive functions while enjoying playing a classic card game
  • Uses your brain power while having fun and socializing with others
  • Helps you think strategically
  • Helps you fine-tune critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Teaches you a skill you can use throughout your life
  • Provides an inexpensive form of entertainment

So sign up today for the Optiminds Bridge Camp. Lessons take place from 5:00 to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday at our Southfield location. The fee for Optiminds bridge lessons is $100 for 10 lessons for four people. For more information, please call or email Jane Stewart, Ph.D. at (248) 496-0150 or jstewart@optimindsct.com. To learn about Optiminds, visit us at: optimindsct.com

Just think—you can be the first to start the next new trend. You can even start a team and compete against family members and friends!


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