Link Between the Inability to Focus and Memory Loss

park3Many memory problems have more to do with not being able to focus on the task at hand than with the actual ability to remember things. Unfortunately, focusing our attention, or concentration, gets more difficult as we get older.

We’ve all experienced not being able to remember where we parked our car at the mall. We were probably thinking about something else when we walked away from the car to the mall, leaving our brain with little opportunity to process any information that could be recalled later to help us find the car.

Here are some tips to improve a range of cognitive functions, including concentration and memory:

Practice meditation—Multiple studies have shown that meditation can be a good brain training tool to improve attention and concentration.

Be proactive—Ask questions when you are talking with someone. When you read something, ask yourself to summarize what you just read.

Don’t multitask—We pay a “transaction cost” for multitasking. Attention is limited to begin with, and multitasking just divides our attention, and our brain’s processing power, even more.

Personally relate to the information you are processing—Ask yourself if there is something in your life related to this new piece of information, how it makes you feel, etc.

Repeat new information—Come back to it more than one time. Repeated information is easier to recall, so come back to new information more than one time. “Spaced retrieval,” a method with which a person is cued to recall a piece of information at different intervals, is one of the rare methods that show results even with Alzheimer’s patients.

Elaborate on the information—Think about it, build on it, try to picture the information in your mind. Things that are concrete and have a clear meaning are easier to remember than abstract and vague ones.

If you are concerned that you are becoming more distracted and forgetful, Optiminds will customize a brain training program designed to stimulate targeted areas of your brain to improve memory and concentration. Learn more about us by calling us today at (248) 496-0150 or by visiting us at:


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