What Technology Might Be Doing to Our Brains

task3Modern technology has transformed how we live, but not always for the better. Many experts worry that the relentless lure of smartphones and computers has shortened attention span, stunted memory, undermined imagination and even promoted psychiatric ills and violence.

Researchers are actively studying whether digital technology actually changes how our brains are wired, particularly during the critically formative childhood and adolescence.

One phenomenon of interest is device-driven multitasking. When you check your e-mails while listening to a lecture, or talk on the phone while driving, your brain is rapidly switching between the two tasks.  Imaging studies suggest that multitasking means shutting down one brain circuit and activating another, while short-term memory holds the line. The ability to do this diminishes with age, but at any age it’s less efficient than doing one thing at a time.

Even smart students perform more poorly if they use electronic devices for nonacademic purposes during class. Surprisingly, habitual multitaskers are worse at ignoring distractions and switching between tasks. They are also vulnerable to depression and anxiety, according to some studies.

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