New SAT Gets Good Reviews

SAT3The newly redesigned SAT college entrance exam debuted recently and students are giving it good reviews so far.

The new exam continues to test reading, writing and math, with an emphasis on real-world learning and analysis. In general, SAT takers have to reason their way through the exam by tackling problems in a linear and sequential fashion; a student’s ability to process information quickly is key.

Students say the key improvements are that the test is not as tricky as the previous version and is more straightforward. Students also appreciate the fact that guessing on the exam is no longer penalized.

In math, students will see more algebra and problem solving, instead of testing a wide range of math concepts. But use of calculators is limited to certain questions.

There are 154 questions on the new test plus one for the essay, compared to 171 questions on the old version, leaving more time for each of the reading and math questions. Students will have a choice about whether to write the essay.

A perfect score goes back to 1,600 with a separate score for the essay.

The College Board, the non-profit organization that owns the SAT, says more than 463,000 test takers signed up to take the new SAT in March, up slightly from a year ago.

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