Still Time to Prep for SAT

math3Most Michigan students scheduled to take the SAT in 2016 will be doing so on April 12. Just a reminder that Optiminds can help you prepare for the revised SAT with a customized, individualized program designed to help you achieve your target score.

The new SAT puts a greater emphasis on questions with real-world applications and features problems that examine your ability to logically support or dispute a well-reasoned contention. This means that it’s important that you not only memorize the material as presented in a textbook, but are also able to apply that knowledge to a variety of different questions.

The Optiminds Customized SAT Program include help in these areas:

Reading—Learn useful strategies to determine the meaning of relevant words in context. Practice finding evidence directly from the text to support your answer.

Writing and Language—Practice composing analytical essays to a variety of prompts. Practice analyzing graphs and text excerpts in order to hone critical thinking skills. Learn how to construct a powerful essay using the given source.

Math—Optiminds will help students learn the necessary formulas, while also providing one-on-one tutoring for the more complicated concepts.

Essay—Practice composing analytical essays to a variety of prompts.

In addition, the revised SAT test has added a no-calculator Math section which has proven difficult for many students because a lot of schools have promoted the use of calculators in math class. If you struggle with basic math concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, or geometry, or you have problems performing simple mathematical operations, Optiminds can help with these issues as well.

Give us a call at (248) 496-0150 to get your SAT preparation started today. You can learn more about Optiminds by visiting our website at:


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