“Exercise Hormone” Promotes Brain Health

Researchers have recently discovered that a hormone called irisin has the ability to help maintain healthy body weight, improve cognition and slow the aging process.

newirisin3Also known as FNDC5, irisin is released after moderate endurance aerobic activity. Elevated irisin levels in the brain trigger neurogenesis, the growth of new neurons, which may play a role in protecting against symptoms of neurological diseases.

In a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers found that when they raised irisin levels in the blood of mice, there was activation of memory- and learning-related genes. In humans, when irisin is released during endurance exercise it improves cognitive function and protects the brain against degeneration.

Scientists believe that the initial discovery of irisin was an important first step in understanding the biological mechanisms that translate physical exercise into beneficial changes throughout the body—both in healthy people and in preventing or treating disease.

Ongoing research is showing that irisin has wide-ranging health benefits and shows promise as a treatment for diabetes, obesity and perhaps other disorders, including cancer. These findings further support the belief that exercise can protect us from both physical and mental decline with aging.

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