Benefits of a College Education

grads2With all of the talk lately about the high cost of a college education (student loans, etc.), following are some reminders about why it is still one of the best decisions you or your child can make.

College graduates earn more—The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the median annual earnings of individuals with a bachelor’s degree is roughly twice the amount earned by individuals with only a high school diploma. In terms of lifetime earning potential, for individuals with a high school education who earn about 1.2 million dollars over the course of their lifetime, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn about 2.1 million dollars.
And while, of course, there are exceptions, the Census Bureau suggests that educatioadn level is actually the biggest determining factor for earning potential, and that earning potential increases significantly as education level increases.

College grads are more attractive to employers—Employers are more likely to choose a college grad over a high school grad for a number of reasons. People who have a degree tend to have stronger analytical thinking skills. Also, completing a degree demonstrates that you have the persistence and dedication to finish what you start. Employers perceive college grads to be qualified for a wider range of opportunities.

The U.S. Census Bureau also reports that college graduates are much more likely to be offered health insurance by their employer than individuals with a high school education or less (74.5% vs. 53.3%). In general, college graduates are more likely to receive such benefits as retirement matching, tuition reimbursement, travel compensation, childcare, and paid vacation.

College grads are more satisfied with their jobs—Because of factors such as better pay and benefits, more opportunity for advancement and working in a field they are interested in, college grads tend to have a higher degree of job satisfaction.

College grads have more economic stability—According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during economic downturns, individuals with only a high school diploma were almost twice as likely to be unemployed as individuals with a bachelor’s degree (8.3% vs. 4.5%).

College grads make better choices—In the course of getting a college education, students acquire a lot of general and specialized knowledge, including choice-making skills that serve them well throughout life. They learn to analyze complex problems, think critically and break down large problems into component parts.

College grads pass their benefits on to future generations—Because grads earn more money and have more job security, they are more likely to pass on a higher quality of life to their children, who are more likely to pursue a college education like their parents.

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