Fuzzy Thinking Related to Depression and Bipolar Disorder

fuzzyThat feeling that your thinking isn’t as sharp as it used to be could actually be a symptom of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

A large recent study out of the University of Michigan Medical School and Depression Center shows that “fuzzy thinking” is a very real effect for depression and bipolar patients, and it can be seen affecting certain parts of the brain on brain scans.

The researchers also conclude that based on these results, depression and bipolar disorder are likely to be on a spectrum of mood disorders, rather than being completely separate, unrelated things. This finding could transform the way doctors and patients think about, diagnose and treat mood disorders.

In powerful, advanced brain scans, brain activity differences showed up between those with bipolar disorder or depression and those without.

On the brain scans, the researchers found that the women with depression or bipolar disorder had different levels of activity than healthy women in a particular area of the brain called the right posterior parietal cortex. In those with depression, the activity in this area was higher than in healthy individuals, while in those with bipolar disorder it was lower. The area where the differences were seen helps control “executive function—activities such as working memory, problem solving and reasoning.

If you are experiencing “brain fog,” try to reduce the emotional and environmental stress in your daily routine. You may also benefit from an evaluation by an Optiminds professional counselor.

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