Take Advantage of Optiminds’ Parenting Programs

coach3Parenting is one of the most rewarding, albeit challenging, adventures in a person’s life. Think about it: As a parent, you are responsible for taking a fresh, fragile human being and raising her or him into a mature mini-adult. And the expectation is that you will know how to do this naturally and without making any mistakes.

If you’ve ever wished that you could talk with someone about the job of raising your children or that you had more parenting skills at your fingertips, Optiminds can help.

Dr. Jane Stewart, founder of Optiminds, understands that parents, not just their children, can benefit from coaching. That’s why Optiminds offers parent coaching and parenting programs that give parents the tools they need to make positive strides in their relationships and steer their child in positive directions.

Parent coaching can help you:

  • Better understand your child’s behavior
  • Adopt healthy, effective ways to discipline your child
  • Prepare your child for school
  • Deal with the challenges of co-parentingHandle specific behavioral or educational issues your child might be having
  • Set reasonable expectations and effective limits
  • Increase your confidence in your parenting skills

Deciding to take a parenting class doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent; rather, it shows that you care about your family and your children’s future.

Optiminds is one of metro Detroit’s leading professional tutoring services, offering individualized tutoring and brain training programs for all ages—from children to college students to adults and baby boomers. Learn more about us by calling us today at (248) 496-0150 or by visiting us at: optimindsct.com.


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