Blood Tests for Alzheimer’s On the Horizon

AlzBloodStill in early stages of development at the National Institute on Aging, a new blood test for Alzheimer’s appears to detect the disease as many as 10 years before clinical diagnosis is possible, much sooner than other tests in development.

The test could soon be used to identify and treat patients with Alzheimer’s earlier in their disease progression. Those people could participate in clinical trials to help find new treatments. Already, the test distinguishes between patients and healthy elderly with 100 percent accuracy.

In separate research at Georgetown University, a blood test has been developed that can predict with 90 percent certainty whether a senior will suffer from dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease within the next few years. The test would be an improvement over expensive MRIs and PET scans currently used to diagnose Alzheimers, but which are limited in their diagnostic ability.

The most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease affects thinking, memory, behavior and autonomy. It is estimated that by 2050 135 million people globally will have dementia.

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