Your Brain Is Much Better Than You Think

brainpower1No human has fully explored the capacities of the brain. Contemporary psychological research has shown that, when it comes to the human brain,we have more potential—virtually unlimited—than we think.

In 1968, psychologist Pyotr Anokhin demonstrated that the minimum number of potential thought patterns the average brain can make is the number 1 followed by 10.5 million kilometers of typewritten zeros.

Scientists have also found that the brain:

  • is capable of making a virtually unlimited number of synaptic connections or potential patterns of thought
  • is more flexible and multidimensional than any supercomputer
  • can learn seven facts per second, every second, for the rest of your life and still have plenty of room left to learn more
  • will improve with age if you use it properly
  • is not just in your head; intelligence is also located in cells that are distributed throughout the body.
  • is unique. There has never been anyone quite like you. Your creative gifts, expressions, DNA and dreams are unprecedented and unique.

Source: “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci,” by Michael J. Gelb.

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