Girls Are As Good As Boys When It Comes to Math

girlsmath2Parents and teachers persist in thinking boys are simply better at math. But in the largest study of its kind, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found no difference in the scores of boys versus girls — not even in high school.

Researchers conducted a study that looked at annual math tests required by the No Child Left Behind education law in 2002. Ten states provided enough statistical information to review test scores by gender, allowing researchers to compare the performances of more than 7 million children.

Studies 20 years ago showed girls and boys did equally well on math in elementary school, but girls fell behind in high school. But according to lead researcher Janet Hyde, “Girls have now achieved gender parity in performance on standardized math tests.”

Girls who grow up believing boys are better at math wind up avoiding harder math classes, and ultimately lose out on a lot of careers, particularly high-prestige, lucrative careers in science and technology.

But things are changing, though slowly.

Women are now earning 48% of undergraduate college degrees in math; they still lag far behind in physics and engineering. In primary and secondary school, girls have caught up, with researchers attributing that advance to increasing numbers of girls taking advanced math classes such as calculus.

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