How to Be a Better Learner

Learning is difficult for many of us. Following are some tips to help you learn more effectively and maybe even enjoy learning in the process:

  • Develop an interest in many things. Too often, we limit our areas of interest by telling ourselves that something is boring. Schoolchildren and young adults do this routinely.
  • Pay attention and think about what you are trying to learn. Relate new information to your existing knowledge by asking and attempting to answer questions.
  • Become actively engaged. Learn by doing, either mentally or physically. Strive to identify meaning and gain insight. Getting involved with and applying what you are trying to learn is much more effective than passively watching a video or listening to a lecture without taking notes or otherwise engaging with the material.
  • Strive to continuously improve your learning skills and expand your knowledge. Otherwise, you will reach a plateau that keeps you from expanding your learning and memory capabilities.
  • Learn memorization principles and tricks.
  • Confront challenging learning material. This will move you out of your plateau and help you expand your learning and memory capabilities.

Dr. Jane Stewart specializes in helping people of all ages improve their learning, reading and cognitive skills Dr. Stewart and staff are now available at two locations: The Brain Development Center in Novi and Optiminds in Southfield. Contact Dr. Jane Stewart at (248) 496-0150 or email her at:

You can learn more about the Brain Development Center at: and Optiminds at:


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