Benefits of Optiminds’ Summer Tutoring Programs

The job of a tutor is to facilitate learning. One of the advantages of using a tutor is that a tutoring session usually consists of one tutor to one student.

In the classroom, a teacher typically attends to an average of twenty to thirty students. Students learn at different levels and speed, and have different learning styles. Some students need lengthy discussions and more time to digest the lesson, while others read the materials and study on their own. If the majority of the students understand the lesson, the teacher moves forward, leaving behind one or two students in the process.

But with tutoring, the one-on-one factor enables the tutor to really focus on the student’s needs more than a teacher can do in a classroom full of students. The tutor can better understand the student’s learning process and weaknesses, tailor lessons to the person’s learning style and monitor progress.

If your student is struggling at school, why not take advantage of Optiminds’ tutoring programs to give them a headstart on the coming school year? Optiminds takes a personal approach to customize a program that is right for you or your student.  We’ll identify problem issues and design a variety of tasks to help; we’ll use Mental Exercises, Visualization Techniques and Computerized Drills.

Dr. Jane Stewart at Optiminds has been helping to improve the study, reading and cognitive skills of clients of all ages. Find out more about Optiminds brain fitness programs and cognitive skills training by calling us today at (248) 496-0150 or email us at: And be sure to visit our website at


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