Detroit Institute of Arts offers Program for People with Early Stage Dementia

“People with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are often isolated and have few opportunities to interact socially or remain involved in the community,” according to Jennifer Czajkowski, executive director of the Learning and Interpretation department at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). That’s why the DIA is now offering “Meet Me at the DIA: A Program for People with Early Stage Dementia and Their Caregivers.”

The program provides a safe, inspiring environment for social engagement and intellectual stimulation, where participants will feel welcome and comfortable. People with early stage dementia, including Alzheimer’s, and their caregivers are invited to participate in gallery discussions about art led by DIA staff and volunteers with expertise in this area.

All participants, including caregivers, are encouraged to contribute to the discussions, which are based on the observations and connections made by the group. Each person will receive a small print of a DIA artwork so conversations can be continued after leaving the museum.

The goal of the program is to enhance Alzheimer’s patients’ quality of life through mental stimulation, communication, personal growth and social engagement. Similar programs have been shown to increase the mood and self-esteem of dementia patients and their caregivers immediately following their visit and for days afterward. For more information, call 313-833-4005 or click

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