Tips to Improve Your Memory–Part2

More tips from the experts on how to improve your memory:

Use it or lose it—The more you use your brain, the healthier and sharper it will be. Activities that increase your use of language, such as Scrabble or learning a new language, can also help improve your memory. A recent study by researchers in Luxembourg reveals that older adults who spoke more than two languages were three times less likely to have memory problems than people who were bilingual. Switching from one language to another helps strengthen the connections in our brains.

Don’t be a loner—The more social you are, the less likely you are to develop memory problems and other signs of mental decline as you age, according to a number of studies. Social activities that involve talking and written communication—book clubs, Facebook, etc.—are preferable to activities such as bingo or going to a movie.

Take a walk—Research shows that physical activity is just as beneficial for your brain as it is for your body. Exercise helps the brain sprout new connections between neurons. This is especially true in the hippocampus where our working memory partially resides. Exercise creates new connections in the part of the brain that is most susceptible to problems from aging.

Get a good night’s sleep—The operative word here is “good.” A new study by Stanford University researchers suggests that even getting a full eight hours of sleep the night before a test or performance can impair your ability to remember if that sleep is fragmented or interrupted. So regardless of the total amount of sleep, a minimal amount of uninterrupted sleep is crucial for memory consolidation.

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