What is “Cognitive Reserve”?

Recent discoveries offer new hope and guidance to people who want to maintain peak brain performance. We learn more each year about combating the small losses in brainpower that often come after 50.

For example, did you know that up to 20 percent of people autopsied who had no major memory problems are discovered to have had Alzheimer’s?

Researchers at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City discovered that in some people the brain can continue to function—sometimes quite efficiently—despite changes that should cause severe disability.

Scientists attribute this to what is known as “cognitive reserve”—the combination of a person’s innate abilities and the additional brainpower that comes from challenging the mind.

Studies show that diverse, mentally stimulating tasks result in more brain cells, more robust connections among those cells, and a greater ability to bypass age- or disease-related trouble spots in the brain. The more you work your mind, the greater your cognitive reserve. And the greater your reserve, the greater your ability to withstand the inevitable challenges of aging.

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