Optiminds Offers “Brain Fitness” Programs for Baby Boomers

A key factor in our quality of life as we grow older is staying fit mentally. That means maintaining memory, attention, organization, stamina and the speed at which the brain processes information. In fact, a recent survey of baby boomers revealed that their highest concern as they age is not wanting to lose mental capacity.

Your brain is a muscle and responds to strengthening and conditioning just like any other muscle in your body. If it doesn’t get exercise, it gets out of shape, leaving us susceptible to anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other mental conditions. As nerve cells in the brain get weak with age, we may notice things such as being easily distracted or feeling overwhelmed and more frustrated, forgetful and stressed.

If you are concerned about maintaining your mental agility as you mature, Optiminds offers “brain fitness” programs designed specifically for adults and seniors. Our skill-based programs help raise brain performance to new levels by strengthening nerve cells and improving concentration and cognitive power.

After identifying each client’s areas of concern, we design a customized program comprised of exercises to stimulate specific areas of the brain. A typical program might include the following:

  • Mental/emotional exercises
  • Visualization techniques
  • Computerized drills
  • Recommendations on diet and physical exercise

Discover how a customized Optiminds “brain fitness” program can help you slow the aging process. Call us today at (248) 496-0150 or email us at: jstewart@optimindsct.com. And be sure to visit our website at www.optimindsct.com to learn more about us.


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