Continuing on the theme from the last post.  If you want study skills and time management solutions talk to one of the many professionals who can help.  While making a plan for a week make sure you plan for recreational activities, time for TV watching, time to can catch your favorite team play. College activities are important to college success. Also take into account the time you would spend with friends or on phone. This is very important because you need time away from studies otherwise what happens is you sit there with an open book trying to guess what everybody else is doing or just day dreaming and wasting your time!

OptimindsAfter you have planned your week write it down and as far as possible stick to the time table. Remember that you have made the planning and the timetable. If you think that it is not working then change it! Sometimes what you think and what you can do is difficult to guess before you actually try it out. Need some help? Contact a professional tutor to help set some guidelines.

Make sure that you have a comfortable place to study. The temperature should also be comfortable. The lighting should be sufficient. If you think that you study better with music playing in the back ground then keep your favorite music ready and start your studies as per your plan.

When you manage your time and plan your studies your college life will be more rewarding and successful. The time management skills you learn will help in other aspects of your life too. A great tool for success.

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