Time Management Plans Are Important Skills For Study And Life

Keep it simple for college success.  Are you one among those who always think that 24 hours a day is not enough? You need couple of hours more each day? Are you always rushing to meet the deadlines and always very stressed when it comes to completing home assignments? Do you feel that you have no time for studies?

Well if this is the case then may be you need to learn and develop time management skills. This will not only help youOptiminds in your studies it will also help you in your life. These skills are helpful in society and with on other responsibilities like jobs and family.

Here are some tips that will help you to manage your time better. First you have to sit down and identify the areas where you need more time. Think about your daily routine. How and where you spend time. Once you identify how you are spending the day it will become clear where you need to take control of the situation. In college a rule of thumb is, you have to study two hours for every one hour class. Some may be less, some more, so it will help if you prioritize your classes.

After you identify the problem areas and have your priority list ready the next step is to make a plan. You have your semester schedule with you. When you look at it you may feel over whelmed. So break it into parts. Most teachers will give you home assignments well in advance. You can start from that. Make a list of assignments and the due dates. Arrange the work according to the deadlines. There may be some classes that you think you hate or absolutely don’t like. So make sure to give enough time to complete home assignments of that class. Ask for help if you need it. Study with a friend so that it becomes an enjoyable experience!


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