Keep Dementia At Bay And Improve Cognitive Skills With Brain Fitness

Dementia as we know can be quite a traumatic experience both for the sufferer and the family members. The reason for this disease is still not clear and there is no positive and clear treatment method.

Onset of dementia is characterized by confusion, depression, inability to perform day to day tasks, forgetting words in the middle of a sentence, inability to communicate, taking improper decisions against one’s nature, etc.

Apart from dementia, there are a lot of other mental illnesses affecting people. Almost everyone today, irrespective of age suffer from anxiety and depression. Stress is a by product of the fast paced and frantic lifestyle of today.

The reason for mental diseases is the inability of the brain to cope with the day to day stress. Over a period of time, the nerve cells weaken and are damaged beyond repair leading to depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s dementia.

“Just as we strengthen our muscles and bones with exercise in order to remain fit and healthy for as long as possible, it is possible to strengthen our nerve cells in the brain and make them fit and healthy to cope with any stressful situation through brain exercises and fitness regimes,” says Dr. Jane Stewart, founder of Optiminds

Brain fitness is all about exercising the brain to improve and strengthen the cognitive abilities and boost brain performance in various fields of life.


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