More simple college tips.

Many smaller colleges may have funds for the students.  Good teaching staffs and very good facilities to study. If it is possible you should take your child to these colleges and have a look. You may hit a bull’s eye and get all the financial aid you need. Keep your options open. Check out many schools of all sizes.

Some colleges and universities have many programs to help financially.  Work/Study programs or offering the students teaching assistant positions  or graduate assistant positions. So you save on tuition fees and the child makes enough money while learning to take care of the living expenses.  It is also a good idea to look into accommodations provided by the university or any other options available in the town. The living expenses of the town where the college is situated will add up the strain on your purse. You have to see if there are chances of getting any kind of employment in that area..

If you cannot find a college which is willing to offer some sort of aid to your child then you have to go in for student loan. If debt is inevitable then make sure to take as little as possible. Look for scholarships or grants from the government. Most of such scholarships or grants are awarded on a need base category. So it will help as you do not have to pay it back.

It is best to do some groundwork to compete for scholarships. Improving your writing skills, reading skills, learning some tips for the applications process or just doing some brain fitness exercises to prepare for the essays and interviews.

Optiminds for Brain Fitness


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