A,B,C,D . . . Where Do You Want Your Grades To Be?

Every student can benefit from good study skills. Getting good grades is largely dependent on successful test taking skills. Successful test taking skills is largely dependent on the study skills of the student. Study skills are the foundation for both test performance and good grades.

First, the student has to develop these study skills by finding out what works best for him. Each person is different, and what works for one person may not work for another person. However, there are some general study skills that help each and every one of the students.

General study skills are:
* how to improve note taking in class,
* how to listen effectively,
* how to deal with test anxiety,
* how to find a good study place,
* how to use study groups.

How to improve your performance with reading comprehension, math or word problems as well as how to improve your memory are often beyond the scope of what a student can do on their own. Find a company that specializes in finding out what a students strengths and weaknesses are so that the student can maximize their performance and ultimately reach their academic potential.

If writing a research paper seems difficult at first, we can help guide through the process until you can do it naturally on your own. We will not do the work for you but we will help with strategies to build your vocabulary and build confidence as your skills develop.

Just as important as writing skills, effective listening plays a key role in learning. Many students are just hearing what the teacher is saying. But there is a difference between hearing and listening. While you may just hear words — when you listen you process the information in your brain and that helps in increasing your understanding.

So always make it a habit to complete your reading assignments before you go to the class – so when you are in class you can Keenly Listen. Always pay attention to the teacher. By doing so, you will be able to concentrate on the subject — and just by listening to your teacher, you will realize what are the important points that need emphasis.

While doing a Math word problem, the most important thing to do is to read it carefully. Try and understand what the question is and eliminate everything else. Once you have eliminated the unnecessary information solving the problem becomes easy. If you are having difficulty and the answer is not correct — then you should read the problem once again and see where you are going wrong.

This could be a reading comprehension issue and may need to be addressed as part of your general study skill strategy. For instance, while doing such problems it will help to have a good study group. Other members of the group may help you in locating where you are going wrong. But make sure to have a good group who are interested in studying more than just getting together.

Note-taking in class is very important. To do that effectively you should read the assignment before going to the class. While reading, make note of the points which are not clear or any questions that you may have. The teacher explaining things may clear up those points. But if you need any clarification do not be afraid to ask questions. Take notes in legible hand writing. Make it a point to compare your notes with other students. By doing this you may find that you have missed an important thing. Always keep your notes in order. Use separate sheets for each class.

Often students suffer from some form of test anxiety. But if you have developed good study habits and are Prepared you should not worry. Quality food Regular exercise, and Sleep stay physically and mentally fit.

Training in test taking and study skills is very beneficial. Usually ACT/SAT or any standardized test scores will be much better if you use effective study skills, get pointers, and take many practice tests. Virtually every student can improve their performance.

So, don’t be hesitant to ask for help, go online, get a tutor or take a skill session. All these will improve your test scores and send you off to the college of your choice. – be it:

Wake Forest
Xavier University
Yale University, or
Zhongshan University


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